Horse racing ad

It’s been a while since I didn’t write about horse racing betting – this seems to be a topic which resonates well with just some Europeans. But British and French people are just crazy about racing – you won’t even believe the amount of energy (and of course money) they spend on this sport.

You know, of course, that also the Queen has her own horse that competes in the UK racing championships and, lucky her!, she just won this year the Gold Cup at Ascot. Her horse, called Estimate,  was a 7/2 favourite and won by a length. I wonder if the Queen also plays horseracing betting … And why wouldn’t she ? If you just play 2 pounds on your horse, then you have some money for another extra beer… Ok, maybe a champagne glass…

But this reminded me of one of the latest horse racing betting ads from William Hill that I saw on Youtube. The setting is fun, the actors are great … but … man… for a non-native English speaker some subtitles are really necessary. Or just a warning – British joke ahead!

See for yourselves:

And please feel free to comment on it – funny just for Brits or for any horse race fanatic, no matter where you live?


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