Unibet and William Hill – No Juventus !

Interesting case in France, where a court has decided that a bookmaker doesn’t have the right to use the trademark Juventus in order to promote one of his offers.

what if I say AC Milan ? 😀

Via casinowire

The Civil Court of First Instance in France has ruled that Unibet and William Hill were guilty of “counterfeiting” when they used the trademarked word “Juventus” on their websites in either comments or slogans to promote their betting action.

Both companies have been ordered to pay a €1 fine to Juventus as a token and €10,000 in legal fees each.

The court ruled that if the online sports betting operators are permitted to use brand names of sports teams to advertise games for which they are offering bets, this must be strictly limited to being used only when a bet is being placed.

Unibet’s mrbookmaker.com website carried a French slogan which translates as:

“Two giants of European football meet Tuesday night at 8.45pm. Real Madrid with its nine UEFA champions league victories will receive Juventus from Turin. This will be a special game for French player Zinedine Zidan who played in the Italian colours before joining the Spanish team.”

Both operators expressly denied trying to use the name as a brand and implied that their intention was only to inform what betting options were available.

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