Swedish Internet gambling affiliates targeted by Sweden’s Tax Authority

It seems that the Sweden’s tax authority wants to clamp down on online gambling affiliate. Accoriding with a report from Gaming Intelligence Group the Skatteverket – Sweden’s Tax Office has issued “a request for information to the country’s internet infrastructure providers as part of their ongoing investigation of online commerce. Of notable interest to the tax authority is the income generated by online gaming affiliates active in the Swedish market. The Foundation for Internet Infrastructure, issuer of the country’s .se top level domain, along with web hosting companies and internet service providers are obliged to share their confidential customer information with the tax authority under the request, or face the possibility of substantial fines for failing to do so.”

Of course, many affiliates have gone offshore, – but th eTax guys want to use Xenon program, a web spider used to find evidence of tax evasion by the authorities in Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The tax rate could rate as high as 57%  anbd more penalties could be addded. The tax authorities say there are more than 5 billion swedish krowns not taxed Internet operations winnings…

Wouldn’t be easier if they had a clear-cut framework with lower tax rates ?

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