WTO says US fails to respect online betting rulings

A recent World Trade Organization (WTO) report released on 30 March 2007 presented the compliance panel in the case brought by Antigua and Barbuda regarding “United States — Measures affecting the cross-border supply of gambling and betting services” (DS285).

The report concludes that United States has failed to comply with the recommendations and rulings that WTO has imposed in the case that Antigua and Barbuda have brought in 2003 in its attention.

See the summary of the case here.

The result of the report could bring extra-pressure for other countries, including EU member states, regarding the strict way they regulate the online betting. This could be considered by the WTO as contrary to the free trade agreements.

Antiguan Finance Minister, Errol Cort, considered that the ruling, “vindicates all that we have been saying for years about the discriminatory trade practices of the United States.”

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